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Waldorf Workshop

The Waldorf Workshop


April 26-27

The art and business of wedding photography
Learn from one of the most successful studios in the country - Waldorf Photographic Art is among the top 5% of most successful studios nationwide. Bill Waldorf spent several years as Creative Director for a large chain of retail stores and was later promoted to SVP of Marketing where he learned the principles of running a successful business. He applied that experience to the field of wedding photography when he opened his studio over 11 years ago. Bill Waldorf has photographed hundreds of weddings regionally and internationally and has received numerous awards. He also photographs commercially for Saks Fifth Avenue, Vera Bradley and JetFast as well as several other large corporations nationwide.
With the Waldorf Workshop, you will learn not only how to capture compelling images that your clients will value, but also how to price your work in a competitive environment and maximize your sales per client. Whether you are an aspiring photographer just starting out, or have an established business, you will definitely benefit from his workshop. Learn his secrets to running a sustainable business while pursuing your passion of photography.

Day 1: The art of photography (hands on)
You're smarter than your camera... Learn how to take control!
Lens selection - when and why to use different focal lengths and aperture settings (and how sensor size affects both)
Advantages of mirrorless cameras over traditional DSLRs
Natural light photography
Off-camera vs on-camera flash and when to use each depending on your situation
How to capture authentic moments that tell a story
Photograph for the client, not for Pinterest or just to be published
Afternoon: Live shoot with Bill as he walks you through a typical wedding ceremony and how to cover every detail

Day 2: Post production, workflow and the business of photography
Learn Waldorf's complete workflow from image capture to album design and delivery
Learn what it means to "finish" your images in Lightroom and differentiate your work
RAW vs jpeg - yes, there are a lot of “professional” photographers still shooting jpeg!
Asset backup and retention
How to price your work and understand market ”price elasticity"
One simple thing you can do to increase your revenue by 20% with zero additional work
The single most important action you can take to dramatically increase your bookings that most studios miss
Studio management software, contracts and tracking your business results
How to market your brand effectively and maximize your ROI
Client consultation process

In order to provide a personal style of hands-on education and individual attention to each student, seats are strictly limited. The fee for both days is $600 with a 15% early bird discount through March 15th (Just enter discount code: early15). Lunch is included for both days.

Just click here to reserve your spot today! 50% retainer is required with the balance due one week before the event.